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A free app and subscription based web service, designed for golfers of any level. Tailor your range with customised targets and shot challenges. No expensive add-ons or extra equipment needed. Receive detailed statistical feedback and build a better game to take to the course.

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What is GreenZone Golf?

Ever stand on a range, warm up with, say, a 3 wood, beat a few drivers, perhaps check you can still swipe a couple of 7 irons in the air and then pat yourself on the back for a good practice session?

We’ve been there too! The way most golfers practice doesn’t lead to real game improvement. Sure it can be fun, the rush from a good strike sees to that, but beating your friends in a not-so-friendly clash at the course or learning that you can actually break 100, 90 or even 65 is far more rewarding.

Golf has gone digital. The top coaches are using state-of-the-art equipment to help players. For most of us, that technology is way out of budget and about as usable as an angry mongoose. Our favoured fauna at GreenZone Golf are birdies, eagles and albatrosses and so we offer a simple solution for every golfer with a smart phone: utilizing the technology you already own to take your game to the next level.

How do we do this? We’ve developed a system that lays a digital blanket over any place in the world you want to practice. If you can imagine hitting a shot there, our system works. By setting up a consistent set of zones, we can set challenges, helping you learn and fine tune your tee-to-green game.

As easy as A,B,C–1,2,3

We have six zones and pat yourself on the back, you’ve just learnt them.

From these zones we can teach you what we believe are the three fundamentals of getting the ball around the course in the least number of shots: Setting the ball off in the right direction, shaping it with a degree of control and landing it in the right place.

“But what if I have the shanks!” or, “ I top every other shot!” or, “…!!!” you ask. We have that covered too. In actual fact these mishit shots are the biggest difference between golfers of different abilities.

Forget what you’ve read about the short game being the largest gulf between you and Tiger or Adam Scott or Henrik Stenson, it’s the number of shockers you’re hitting per round versus them that’s the real gap.

GreenZone Golf offers a digital interface to learn, manage and improve your game. With consistent use, you will gain a deeper understanding of your game and are sure to improve your scoring. Just don’t tell the statistical stories in the clubhouse, they tend not to be classics…

How can it help me?

Creating specific, consistent targets wherever you practice means you can start building an accurate and complete picture of your golf game.

GreenZone Golf offers many statistics, use as many or as few as you want.

  • + Discover launch, land and shape accuracies.
  • + Learn shot tendencies for all your aims.
  • + Understand your natural ball flight.
  • + Know the percentages of perfect executions by club.
  • + See timelines showing all your progress.
  • + And above all, find your go-to shots.

Furthermore GreenZone golf is a diary of all your GreenZone practice.

Enjoy single and multiplayer gameplay

GreenZone Golf is a game and makes time spent at the range more enjoyable and more rewarding.

While the single-player mode is all about you –improving on your own— a separate “shoot-out” mode allows you to include your friends… or to challenge your foes.

GreenZone’s match play function allows 2, 3 or 4 players to compete against one another. Who’ll come out on top?

Can you win all the bragging rights?

Your GreenZone

As a website user you can explore statistics created by your practice sessions.

Your data can be filtered by club, type of shot, strengths, weaknesses, date... you name it. See a detailed picture of your golfing ability, and learn how your aim corresponds with your outcome. We'll do the legwork for you, just log on and take a look.

Remember, you get 30-days free access when you register on the GreenZone website, so you can test the whole system before spending a thing.

Free to use

The app is free. Using the app to practice is free.

Full website functionality and viewing all your statistics, is roughly the price of a cup of coffee each month. We also offer 30 days free with full functionality from the day you register on the website.

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